Hi, I’m Jill.

I’m a non-profit founder and co-director with a broad skillset across business start-up, organisational management, product development, project and change leadership to cultural, creative and customer strategy.

I love to:

  • nurture curiosity and explore what could be
  • define vision and strategy to make ideas happen
  • help groups and teams find their why
  • foster and support pathways of change

With my team, we can help you to:

  • explore stories of identity and community
  • co-produce accessible equitable spaces
  • co-create manifestos and shared promises

Your voice was so valuable in these sessions.
I find your voice and presence really reassuring and strong.

– workshop leadership support, 2023

Working together…

I consult for small businesses, SMEs and non-profits who are looking to improve their operations and outcomes – internally and externally – to create and protect long-term holistic success for them, their staff and clients.

I often work one-to-one, ‘behind the scenes’, to talk through sensitive and complex operational issues, bounce ideas and thoughts with.

I’m happy to explore culture and dynamics, and challenge assumptions in a non-judgemental way. I can listen and observe and reflect on ‘how it is’ whilst gently moving things towards positive progress in actionable chunks.

I can lead one-off workshops or support larger programmes of change, especially for those seeking their why as much as their how.

You can also work with me and my team via my CIC or creative practice:

Founder and Co-Director

Bea and Jill: creative duo

I really love the way your mind works. You don’t sugarcoat
anything and you’ve been so honest about your own challenges.
It’s been so refreshing to see.

– fellow workshop participants, 2024

First steps…

I mostly take on clients who are working for good – non profits, other social enterprises – where there is synergy in values and ambition. I offer pro bono support and mentoring wherever I can.

I love walking – on fine weather days, I walk for about 1.5 hours – you’re welcome to join me and talk for free. If the weather is bad, I can be tempted into chatting by the offer of a decent Americano.